Common Symptoms

website-symptomsTwo of the most widespread symptoms that women report are pain and excessive/irregular bleeding. Prior to seeing Fresno OB-GYN Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren, it is helpful to track and record the details of your symptoms such as location, frequency, intensity, etc. The more specific details you can provide in describing the symptoms you are experiencing, the more helpful this will be for diagnosing your condition.

Bring this information to your appointment. It will help your Fresno OB-GYN identify your gynecologic disorder and offer you the most appropriate treatment methods for your condition.

Pain: Pain can be defined in many ways. Intensity of pain is typically measured with a simple 0-10 point scale where 0 equals no pain and 10 is severe pain. Describing your pain in detail can assist your doctor pinpointing the disorder.

The following descriptions of pain may suggest a different gynecologic condition:

  • Pelvic discomfort or pressure;
  • Abdominal tenderness or cramps;
  • Pain/aching in the back;
  • Pain during urination or bowel movements;
  • Painful intercourse.

Monthly menstrual bleeding is different for each patient so it is important to describe all the details of your monthly cycle such as strength, duration, etc. Keep in mind that bleeding patterns can vary before and after childbirth, with age, and with any regular medications you take. Abnormal bleeding should be compared to what is normal for your particular situation.

Following are some examples of bleeding patterns that may be indicative of specific gynecologic problems:

  • Excessively heavy/abnormal bleeding;
  • A period that extends longer than a week;
  • Periods more frequent than 21 days or more than 35 days apart;
  • Spotting/bleeding between periods or after menopause;
  • Passing blood clots
  • Painful bleeding;
  • Bleeding following intercourse;
  • Vaginal bleeding instead of uterine bleeding.

Other Symptoms:
 There are other symptoms that can stand alone or go together with the pain and bleeding. They also need to be detailed, in order for your Fresno OB-GYN to accurately identify your condition:

  • Problematic urination or bowel movements;
  • Unusual bowel/bladder function;
  • Trouble conceiving;
  • Feeling pressure on your rectum, bladder or pelvis;
  • Dropping of your uterus or vagina;
  • Continuous abdominal pressure;
  • Swelling or bloating;
  • Urinary urgency;
  • Recurring urinary tract infections;
  • Abnormal or “fishy” vaginal odor;
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge (change in color, amount, consistency);
  • Feeling pain while standing or walking.

Talk to Your Fresno OB-GYN

If something doesn’t seem right, see your OB-GYN. The symptoms listed above can occur by themselves or in combination with each other and may potentially indicate the presence of a serious problem.

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