We provide a complete range of gynecologic services for women at our Fresno gynecology office. From well-woman care to family planning to surgical options and menopause, our goal is to keep you healthy through all the ages and stages of your life.

We utilize the latest procedures for our routine exams, PAP smears, mammograms and laparoscopy. Our patients experience minimal downtime and discomfort. We have the most innovative ultrasound in the Fresno area to provide accurate information about any pelvic problem you may be experiencing.

Pediatric / Adolescent Gynecology

Gynecology is health care for women of all ages.  Childhood and adolescence includes a number of developmental milestones – both physically and psychosocially.

Adolescent girls are confronted with a variety of different challenges, and the choices they make can have both short and long-term consequences for their overall health and wellbeing. Guidance from a Fresno Ob-Gyn, as well as health screening can have a very positive effect on a young woman’s healthy transition to adulthood.

If you are in need of a caring and experienced Ob-Gyn Fresno CA residents rely on the professional and caring staff at the office of Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren.

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