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website-pregnancy-careEach patient’s experience during the labor and delivery process is completely unique. Fresno Ob-Gyn Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren wants you to be educated regarding what is considered to be “normal” so you’ll know what to expect as your delivery date gets closer.

The labor and delivery experience typically follows a fairly predictable pattern, which consists of the cervix softening and opening, the amniotic sac bursting, and the contractions becoming stronger and closer together.

However, in some cases the labor and delivery procedure can take unexpected twists and turns, which might cause you and your OB-GYN to reconsider your options for pain relief or an unplanned cesarean procedure.

Postpartum: After months of waiting for your baby to arrive, after the birth, your attention switches to caring for your new little bundle. But it’s important that you take some time to care for yourself too.

Postpartum care will typically consist of healing vaginal tears or a wound caused by a C-section, soothing breast soreness and/or helping with urination difficulties. But postpartum care isn’t limited solely to your physical health, as it also needs to tackle your mental health and wellbeing, such as controlling mood swings, anxiety, irritability and sadness/depression.

To make things easier during your recovery process, be sure to share any worries you might have about your postpartum care with your OB-GYN Fresno. Chances are good that what you’re experiencing is completely normal. Confide in your OB-GYN for encouragement and guidance as you adjust to life with a newborn.

However your labor and delivery process proceeds, remember that your health and the health of your baby are what’s most important. Discuss any labor and delivery anxieties with your OB-GYN, as well as options for pain relief (if needed) and feelings about other procedures that may be needed for a smooth delivery process.

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