Colposcopy / Cryosurgery / LEEP


A colposcopy is a procedure performed Fresno OB-GYN Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren to closely study the cervix and upper vagina of her female patients for indications of disease using a special instrument known as a colposcope.

This test may be prescribed in the event that a Pap test or pelvic exam discloses any concerns. It is typically used to diagnose:

  • Cancer of the cervix;
  • Genital warts;
  • Swelling of the cervix;
  • Precancerous changes in the tissue of the cervix, vagina or vulva;
  • Vaginal cancer.

If your Fresno OB-GYN discovers anything that appears suspicious, she will collect a tissue sample for further laboratory testing.


Cryosurgery is a surgical procedure performed to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue located in the cervix. The procedure is performed in your Fresno OB-GYN’s office while you are awake. You may experience minor cramping, however the procedure is generally painless.

This procedure is usually implemented to treat cervicitis or cervical dysplasia if your OB-GYN has determined that cryosurgery is right for your condition.


The loop electrosurgical excision procedure – also referred to as LEEP – utilizes a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop to remove abnormal tissue. The procedure can remove abnormal cervical tissue that is discovered during colposcopy. It can also be used to remove abnormal tissue located high in the cervical canal that is not visible during colposcopy. In this situation, LEEP may be performed instead of a cone biopsy.

LEEP is typically performed at the office of your Fresno OB-GYN or at a hospital as an outpatient procedure.

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