Hysterectomy / Minimally-Invasive Surgery

website-hysterectomyA hysterectomy is a procedure performed by Fresno OB-GYN Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren to remove a woman’s reproductive organs through an incision that is made in either the abdomen or the vagina.

A hysterectomy is typically performed to treat the following gynecological conditions:

  • Fibroids;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Gynecologic cancer;
  • Uterine prolapse;
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding;
  • Chronic pelvic pain.

During a partial hysterectomy the upper part of the uterus is taken out, while the cervix remains in place. During a total hysterectomy, the entire uterus and cervix are removed. A radical hysterectomy includes the removal of the uterus, the tissue of the cervix and the upper part of the vagina and is usually performed when cancer has been detected.

Following a hysterectomy, many patients will note changes in their body and how they feel about themselves. Discuss these potential changes with your OB-GYN before surgery. Your Fresno OB-GYN will help you decide what type of hysterectomy is best for you depending on your medical history and the reason you are having the procedure.

The three types of hysterectomies are vaginal, laparoscopic and abdominal. The laparoscopic method appears to be the most popular of the three and it’s easy to see why so many patients choose it; following is a comparison of the three methods.

The standard abdominal hysterectomy is considered to be a major surgery with a large abdominal incision, and a slow, painful recovery that typically lasts for six weeks.

The vaginal hysterectomy can be performed completely through the vagina with no abdominal incisions. Although many believe that only patients with a comparatively little fibroid, smaller uterus, and no previous C-sections can undergo this procedure, Dr. Gail Mallard-Warren is especially skilled in vaginal surgery and successfully performs vaginal hysterectomies on fibroids and larger uteruses. The approximate recovery time is two weeks.
The laparoscopic hysterectomy involves only small keyhole-type incisions, made in the navel or abdomen. Approximate recovery time is two weeks or less.

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